Corporate and Commercial

“We’re here to offer clients a complete range of services – and given our clients’ often-complex business challenges, we have become very good at delivering the right mix of services to help them resolve these.”

Elizabeth Priddle, Director, BSP Lawyers

BSP Lawyers has a well-developed corporate and commercial practice. Our partners and lawyers advise clients on commercial transactions that range from everyday contractual issues, right though to major acquisitions, divestments, financings and other transactions.

Our areas of commercial expertise include:

Negotiation and preparation of commercial agreements.

Sale and purchase of commercial enterprises and businesses.

Due diligence relating to property or business acquisitions.

Share sales, and share and unit sales agreements.

Negotiation and preparation of commercial leases.

Advice relating to the Retail Leases Act 2003.

Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and joint venture agreements.

Discretionary, unit and hybrid trusts.

Directors’ duties and liabilities.

IP and IT issues (including licensing and trademarks).

Commercial dispute resolution and mediation.

We will often work with relevant third parties and advisors to secure commercial resolutions in key areas of expertise, such as dispute resolution, intellectual property and trademarks, and third party negotiations.

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